Company Profile

     During his thousands of years of journey, human beings have noticed that the natural resources that he has unconsciously consumed have reached the point that will threaten our tomorrow, but in the century we are in.

    The sun is the main raw material for all forms of energy on earth. The cycle of water in the world, the first rings of the food chain, the photosynthesis in plants, the formation of the physical conditions necessary for the formation of fossil fuels is unthinkable without sun.

    From this point, Mistral was established with the aim of increasing the denominator of renewable energy sources in our lives with the principle that sustainable development can still be possible with sustainable energy sources.


    Mistral aims to fulfill its responsibility as an energy solutions company using renewable energy sources, especially wind and solar power, to provide "energy at any time, anywhere, uninterrupted energy".


    To create a worldwide identity that contributes to sustainable development using renewable energy sources. 


    Mistral began his commercial life as a project and consulting firm in 2014. It will consolidate its goal of being one of the biggest brands in the emerging renewable energy sector in Turkey with its R&D, production and know-how transfer investments.